Buying Gold For Protection As The Global Economy Craters?

Free Report Reveals How To Hide Your Gold From Violent Career Criminals - Hell Bent On Stealing Your Wealth

Discover The Secrets To Protecting Your Family, Home and Gold

Thomson, Illinois

One of the best ways to ensure your family and loved ones survive these disastrous economic times is by investing in gold.

But if you do that... you're making yourself a target for nosy neighbors, professional thieves, violent thugs and the lunatic money grabbers in Washington.

That's the truth.

And if you don't recognize that and make plans to deal with that harsh reality before you start your investments in gold, you're wasting your time and money - and needlessly putting your family in grave danger.

However -- when you know the simple secrets of the savviest gold investors...

You can quickly and easily buy and safeguard even the largest gold cache - seemingly "under the radar" - without anyone batting an eyelash in your direction.

Knowing how to do this is invaluable. Someday soon it could literally be worth your family's life.

Let's face it, desperate people do desperate things, right? Do you think a violent criminal would think twice about slaughtering you or your loved ones if they caught wind of your gold stash?

Or what about a nosy neighbor who found out about your gold? Think they wouldn't try to beat down your door to get your gold if it meant they could feed their family?

And if you lose your stash to the worthless bureaucrats in Washington - because you tipped them off that you had it - how would your family survive a major collapse?

How long could your family eat with no means to buy food with? And when the crap hits the fan, can you really depend on others for your survival?

The truth is, if you don't know the secrets to buying, storing, and securing your gold, you're putting yourself and your family in danger.

And that's why I created a Special Report I'd like to rush to you today called "Hide Your Gold."

It's packed with information you need to know to transfer some of your current paper money into physical gold and KEEP IT SAFE!

You'll discover more about "Hide Your Gold" in a second, but right now let me quickly introduce myself:

My name is Mike Walters, editor-at-large of one of the leading websites in the world for practical information on living and surviving in hard times (economic and otherwise).

That's precisely why I wrote this report - to help you survive, with real wealth, during hard times...

And I want to give you "Hide Your Gold" - for FREE.

I'll tell you why in just a minute...

But first, take a look at just some of the wealth saving information you'll get in "Hide Your Gold":

  • Discover how to identify the 4 Wealth Killers that threaten the safety of your gold PLUS the simple, surefire tactics to protect yourself from them...
  • How to easily create a proven "battle plan" to keep your gold safe. Any plan that doesn't address all of the factors I outline is inadequate and puts you at risk!
  • You'll get 7 ready to go, step-by-step protection blueprints you can put in place right away to secure the safety of your gold investments.
  • How to hide your gold in your home - forget "shaving cream can" safes and obvious hiding spots - I'll reveal how to confound professional burglars who think they know all the tricks.
  • Why finding the right type of dealer will allow you to buy twice as much gold for your money. Shady dealers mark up gold 70%, but you'll know how to easily avoid paying these obscenely high prices.
  • Discover the secret resource that will allow you to profit huge from the coming numismatics explosion.
  • How to take advantage of buying gold online while easily side-stepping the 3 dangers of online buying. Mess this up and you, your family, and your gold are at immediate risk.
  • Quickly master the subtle differences between investing in gold financial products and investing in real gold. If you don't know these details, you'll be penniless AND goldless in the face of an economic crisis.
  • The absolute best type of safe for storing your gold - where to put it and how to secure it in your home. This is a burglar's worst nightmare!
  • How to avoid the major flaw in most fire rated safes that turns your gold coins into a melted blob during a typical fire - just buy a safe with this "UL" rating and you won't have to worry.
  • Discover the only 2 storage facilities in the U.S. that are recommended for storing your gold.
  • Why storing some of your gold overseas is a great strategy. You'll learn simple tactics for getting your gold out of the U.S. so prying government eyes can't see it... where to store your gold to keep it safe from theft while you're stateside... and how this option will require a change to your "bug-out" plans during a crisis.
  • The 2 ideal hotspots for overseas gold storage - and no, neither one is Switzerland!
  • Why burying your gold to keep it safe is a good strategy - PLUS how far down you must go to defeat metal detectors from locating your loot.
  • Uncover 6 big reasons NOT to store your gold in a safe deposit box... AND this tricky reason why you might want to store some gold there anyway!
  • Learn the pluses and minuses that will allow you take advantage of the newest trend in gold - digital gold.
  • The legal loophole from the 1930s that allows you to protect your gold from government confiscation - FDR's Secretary of Treasury was a collector and he snuck this provision into law... use it and keep your wealth while others lose out!
  • And much, much more.

So here's the deal:

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Mike Walters

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